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Professor Carolin Fuchs recently published an article in Language Learning & Technology 23(3) called Critical incidents and cultures-of-use in a Hong Kong–Germany telecollaboration In this empirical case study, she explores how differences in technology tool socialization and cultures-of-use impact the joint task design in a virtual exchange between master-level English majors from Hong Kong, China, and Germany.

She was recently invited to give a guest talk in a seminar for distance teaching for graduate students at Yale University, Center for Language Study. Professor Fuchs and her co-author Ed Dixon discussed their 2015 CALICO article “Face-to-face, Online or MOOC,” in which they analyzed how the instructional impacts content, objectives, assignments, and assessments.

Professor Karin Maxey recently contributed to a panel about teaching German online at the 29th Annual Convention and World Languages Expo in Washington D.C., by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Her talk focused on the elements of language instruction that must be retained when moving language classes from face-to-face formats into online or hybrid ones, and offered suggestions for preserving the integrity, intensity, and richness of language instruction in online classes. She presented with Mark Lewis (Boston University) and Arianne Hainsey (Mississippi State University).

Earlier this year, Dr. Maxey also gave a presentation on developing an inclusive first-year German curriculum at the Diversity, Decolonization and the German Curriculum bi-annual conference in Northfield, MN at St. Olaf College. 

Finally, Dr. Maxey published an article in the German teaching journal Die Unterrichtspraxis with a group of German colleagues called The Eaton Group. Born of a seminar at the 2016 German Studies Association Conference, the article is called “A Multilingual Turn in German Studies: Premises, Provisos, and Prospects.”

Published On: November 13, 2019 |
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