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Advanced Writing in the Sciences

Offers instruction in writing for students considering careers or advanced study in the physical or life sciences. By exploring research literature and reflecting on their own experiences, offers students an opportunity to identify issues of interest in their field and analyze how scientific texts make claims, invoke other scientific literature, offer evidence, and deploy key terms. Through analysis and imitation, exposes students to the challenges of the scientific project, such as the use of quantitative data and visual presentation of evidence. In a workshop setting, offers students an opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of sources and develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, peer review, and revision.


  • Must be enrolled in one of the following Colleges: College of Science (SC)
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following Classes: Junior (JR); Senior (SR)
  • All others need to contact the English department.

ENGW 3307 Experiences

Nevyana Todorova (B.Sc. 2021, Behavioral Neuroscience & Art minor):“Initially, I had been planning on taking the Interdisciplinary AWD course [3315], because I was not excited to be writing only about the sciences, but this course covers a large range of topics and allows students to hone in on their preferred topics.” Read more.
Evan Offord (B.Sc. 2020, Biochemistry):“I was surprised at the diversity of thought in the room. Due to it being a class for scientists, I was expecting similar responses to open-ended questions and conversations. However, we had future chemists, biologists, physicists, and even artists in the room. This made for really interesting discussions that expanded my ability to think critically and analyze problems.” Read more.
Isabella Burke (B.Sc. 2020, Biology):“I always thought you had to know exactly what you were writing about going in, but the structure of this course helped me to realize that this isn’t true [. . .]. Whether you learn more through the research required or you uncover something new about yourself and your ideas, writing is an extremely powerful learning tool.” Read more.