Tutor Spotlight: Sasha W.

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Degree/Field of Study: English and Communication Studies, Chinese Language 

Tutor Since: Spring 2019

Languages: English, Chinese 

What excites you about working at the Writing Center? I love the excitement that comes with constantly meeting new people, whether they are students, colleagues, or faculty. The whole process is very fulfilling and mutually beneficial — I help students with their writing, and they never fail to teach me something new about writing and the tutoring process in general. 

What’s been surprising to you? I have been surprised by just how eager students are to improve their writing and how grateful they are to see positive changes. It feels so nice when students book you again because they felt that the session was successful. 

What skills do you bring as a tutor? I think I can bring empathy and compassion to my sessions, allowing students to feel like they can truly open up. I find that this area of slight vulnerability is where the best writing can occur. 

Anything else you’d like us to know? I grew up in Asia! Singapore will always be home. 

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Published On: June 6, 2019