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Students are expected to maintain good academic standing toward graduation each semester.

Good academic standing requires:

-A minimum cumulative GPA of 1.8 in full-term semesters of the freshman year
-A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in full-term semesters after the freshman year
-A minimum of 12 credits in any full-term semester just completed

Students who do not meet good academic standing earn academic probation standing.
Students who remain on academic probation after two full-term academic semesters may be dismissed from the university. The Northeastern Undergraduate Catalog provides details. Students who have been dismissed from the university once are eligible to appeal to CSSH for re-entry. In some cases, students who have been dismissed more than once may also appeal.

Students who have been dismissed and are appealing for re-entry to CSSH complete the CSSH Academic Dismissal Appeal Form and submit it to by the first day class offerings are posted on the web for the semester the student wishes to re-enter. The academic calendar provides dates. Students who are appealing should contact to schedule a meeting with a CSSH academic advisor who will review the Academic Dismissal Appeal Form and explain next steps.