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CSSH provides many resources  to support the development of new and continuing research initiatives.

Funding Opportunities

The CSSH Dean’s Research Development Initiative provides faculty members in CSSH with seed funding to help them develop proposals that fulfill one of CSSH’s two research priorities: seeking significant research support from external sources and developing research across Northeastern’s global campus network.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce the continuation of the CSSH Multi-generational Research Teams Program. In Spring 2021, this opportunity supported CSSH-supported SGA research assistants (currently funded PhD students) to work with faculty members to develop and conduct a faculty-led research project that engages students from multiple levels including post-docs (as applicable), graduate students, and undergraduate students. Faculty may apply as individuals or as a team of faculty.


CSSH faculty members and occasionally graduate students are eligible to apply for internal research awards through the Research Development office. Tier 1 Grants are awarded once every fiscal year and are designed to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams with the goal of successfully competing for future sponsored research opportunities. The university’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 programs have rolling deadlines and are intended for major research initiatives ready for, or already competing, for large Federal funding opportunities. Visit Northeastern’s  research website for more details about all three programs.


The Northeastern Humanities Center offers several opportunities each year for research funding in the form of its resident fellowship program and collaborative research cluster grants. The Humanities Center also provides grant-writing workshops, a faculty works-in-progress colloquium series, and other opportunities for faculty members and students to exchange ideas in a collegial environment.

The Northeastern Office of Research Development provides a list of highlighted external funding opportunities and links to searchable funding databases to identify external sponsors for your research projects. Visit Northeastern’s  Office of Research and Development website for details.


The following list of fellowship sponsors highlights the growing list of opportunities and resources available to faculty, to assist them in their continued/future scholarship.

This list of honorific awards is intended as a resource for faculty searching for opportunities to be recognized for their research and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.


Please notify the RA Team if you plan to submit a grant or fellowship proposal using the Intent to Submit Form.


All external Grant applications, Letters of Intent, and Fellowship applications should be directed to the RA Team for proposal review and internal approval prior to submission. When preparing an application, you are expected to adhere to the following steps.

  1. Review funding announcement requirements and notify your CSSH grant administrator using the Intent to Submit Form.
  2. Meet with your CSSH grant administrator, RA Team work distribution, to develop a timeline for proposal documents and budget development.
  3. Provide proposal documents to your CSSH grant administrator 5 business days prior to your deadline for final assembly by CSSH grant administrator.
  4. CSSH grant administrator will provide college-level review and route to NU-Res for institutional review.
  5. CSSH grant administrator will work with NU-Res on final submission.

Failure to follow these steps may result in the university withdrawing your application.




Faculty members receiving grants or fellowships that require a substantial portion of an academic semester or year should read and review CSSH’s Course Buy-Out and Top-Up Policies.

The CSSH Research Administration Team will work with faculty to develop proposals that are in accordance with sponsor guidelines and university policies by providing the following proposal services:

  1. Identification of required proposal elements
  2. Proposal budget development
  3. Support for using required submission portals, such as,, ASSIST, etc.
  4. Coordinate the collection of sub-materials for the submission
  5. Facilitate internal approval of submission through ePaws record creation

The CSSH Research Administration Team helps Faculty focus on their research efforts by providing the following post-award services below:

  1. Monthly detailed financial reports
  2. Summer salary compensation
  3. Course buy-out
  4. Compliance support

The University’s central grants office, Northeastern University Research Enterprise Services (NU-Res), acts as the authorized institutional officials for University Research Administration, Research Finance, and Research Compliance. The CSSH RA Team should be included on correspondence with NU-Res to ensure that our faculty have the full support of the College on any issues involving external sponsorship of research. Click here to learn more about NU-Res.