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At the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, we support all staff in their professional growth. Below are some examples of CSSH-specific initiatives to engage and encourage our staff in their career development.

Mentoring Resources

One of the best ways for staff to learn more about how to navigate their work and career is to learn from other staff at CSSH and the university, both from peers and those who are further along in their careers. We currently offer two formal mentoring programs to facilitate this process, but encourage all staff to seek mentorship informally as well.

New administrative staff in CSSH are matched with a volunteer Staff Ambassador from another department. The Ambassador will meet with the new hire to lunch within their first week and serve as a resource to them during their first three months.

The role of the Ambassador will be to introduce the new hire to systems and resources of which they might not be aware. They will also introduce them to people and offices that can help them be more effective.

CSSH partners with the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion to bring together staff from across the university to meet regularly to exchange experiences, challenges, and opportunities for the purpose of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, leadership practices, and commitment to one’s career. Each Staff Mentoring Circle is composed of 4-6 staff members and a facilitator.

Full program information can be found here.

Additional Staff Resources

Our staff is essential to CSSH running smoothly, and tremendously impact the experiences of our students and faculty. Each year we solicit nominations for the CSSH Outstanding Staff Award and receive many excellent nominees. Award recipients are selected by the CSSH Staff Advisory Council, and winners are celebrated at the annual spring Faculty and Staff Celebration.

View the 2022 and Previous Years Outstanding Staff Award Winners

The CSSH Staff Advisory Council is comprised of staff members from across the College to collectively represent the staff and provide input for our programming.

Council members serve two-year terms, attend monthly meetings, and are expected to volunteer for staff events, based on their availability.

Members of the Staff Advisory Council:

  • Provide input into strengths and areas of opportunity for staff development at CSSH.
  • Propose ideas for new development programs and promote them to their colleagues.


The CSSH Staff Team provides resources specific to work at CSSH, including internal forms, processes, and contact information for subject matter experts. To request access, email Emmie Nguyen, Manager of Human Resources Administration, at

For any questions or suggestions related to staff development at CSSH, please reach out to Emmie Nguyen, Manager of Human Resources Administration, at or Jim Rollins, Associate Dean for Administration & Finance at