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Academic advising is an ongoing process that engages students in educational planning consistent with their academic interests as well as with their personal, intellectual, and career goals. This student-centered advising process involves an active partnership among students, professional academic advisors, and Undergraduate Program Advisors who are faculty in their departments.

Undergraduate Advising FAQs

Have questions? Refer to our Undergraduate Advising FAQs. If you have additional questions, reach out to or call 617-373-3980.

Office of Student Academic Affairs

Located in 180 Renaissance Park, the Office of Student Academic Affairs is a central place where undergraduate students in CSSH can go with all academic questions. This office is a good first place to go for any kind of academic concern.

Academic advisors provide general guidance on academic matters and assist students in their progress from orientation through graduation. Located in each academic department, undergraduate program directors mentor students and function as the student’s main connection with the major.

The CSSH Office of Student Academic Affairs is committed to providing students with the assistance they need to attain academic success.

Academic AdvisorMajor
Alain Akasa, MBA
Mills Continuing, CSSH Global Scholars + N.U. in
Shakyra Antoine
Criminology & Criminal Justice (Last Names A – H)
English (Last Names H – M)
International Affairs (Last Names O – Z)
Sociology & Anthropology (Last Names A- D)
Maureen Desmond, MEd
Asian Studies
International Affairs (Last Names A – G)
Caitlin Greene
Criminology & Criminal Justice (Last Names I – O)
English (Last Names A – G), International Affairs (Last Names H – N)
Philosophy & Religion
Kendel Hall
Criminology & Criminal Justice (Last Names P – Z)
Human Services
PPE (Last Names A – L)
History, Culture & Law (HCL)
Lingheshwari Kakkanaiah, MA
Economics (Last Names A – K)
Political Science (Last Names A – F)
Sociology & Anthropology (Last Names U – Z)
Emma Pittore
Africana Studies
Economics (Last Names L – R)
Political Science (Last Names G – N)
Justin Repici, MBA
Economics (Last Names S – Z)
Mills Continuing, CSSH Global Scholars + N.U. in
Ashley Thibodeau, MEd
English (Last Names N – Z)
Political Science (Last Names O – Z)
PPE (Last Names M – Z)
Sociology & Anthropology (Last Names E – T)

Meet with an advisor

  • Make an appointment online

    Current students can schedule an appointment online. Select “Advising” for the appointment area.

    Make an Appointment
  • Visit us in person

    Students are advised to schedule their appointments online or via phone.

  • Give us a call

    If a student can’t come during regular business hours, phone appointments with academic advisors are available. Call 617-373-3980 to schedule an appointment.