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Research Opportunities

Graduate Research Opportunities

Graduate student research in CSSH is a valuable form of experiential learning. Learn how you can engage in graduate student research.

Research Opportunities

Program Administrators

The Graduate Program Administrator for your program is a great resource. Find your program’s administrator here.

More Resources

Visit Resources for New Graduate Students for links to more graduate-related university resources.

General Resources

Review your coursework through the curriculum and track your academic progress towards graduation using the degree audit system. Instructions can be found on the Registrar’s Degree Audit website, under “Graduate (non-CPS) and School of Law.”  If you have questions or concerns about your audit, consult the graduate program administrator in your department.

The Northeastern PhD Network is an organization designed to build community among PhD students. The Network provides students with support and resources to enhance their educational experience and career preparation.

Northeastern University’s Ombuds for Graduate Students offers confidential, impartial, and informal assistance to graduate students who have concerns related to their university experience. Reach Out

The Digital Scholarship Group, or DSG, is part of Northeastern University Library’s digital scholarship services, supporting digital modes of research, publication, and collaboration at Northeastern. The DSG provides expertise, infrastructure, and strategic guidance for researchers and projects, and we offer a wealth of activities to help you get involved and learn more.

Frequently-Requested Forms

Requests for directed study are submitted via the Individual Instruction form found on the Student Hub prior to the start of the semester for which the student wishes to enroll.  Registrar’s Instructions for submitting Individual Instruction form.

The Transfer Credit Form is completed by students who wish to transfer credits from another accredited U.S. institution. The form is located on the Registrar’s Forms website under “Academic Records.”

Students who receive an Incomplete (I) grade in a course should complete an Incomplete-Grade Contract with the instructor. The form is located on the Registrar’s Forms website under “Academic Records.”

Language study is available for CSSH Masters and PhD students who need proficiency in a language other than English for their fieldwork or other scholarly research. Registration for the language course must take place prior to the start of the semester. The credits will not count toward the credits needed to complete the degree. Instructions are available on page 2 of the form.

Requests for all non-medical LOAs are submitted via myNortheastern prior to the start of the semester for which the leave is being requested. More information can be found on the Registrar’s website.


Graduate students may apply for Individual Funding from the Graduate Student Government to attend conferences. PhD students may also apply for PhD Travel Funding through the PhD Network. Visit the Graduate Student Government and PhD Network websites or eligibility, terms, deadlines, and application requirements.

Northeastern offers tools and workshops for graduate student career planning, job searches, and fellowship applications. Find more information on NU”s Office of Employer Engagement and Career Design website.

See Fellowship Opportunities for PhD students.

View The Experiential PhD and Co-ops for Graduate Students for more information about CSSH’s experiential learning opportunities.

Theses and Dissertations

All students who plan to submit a thesis or dissertation are expected to follow the CSSH formatting guidelines.

All students must be registered in the last semester of their program, including the full summer semester if that is when defense occurs. (See General RegulationsContinuity of Registration)


Whether or not you are planning to attend a commencement ceremony, you initiate the commencement process by applying to graduate via your myNortheastern account. You should apply even if there is a chance that all of your requirements will not be completed in time to graduate on a specific commencement date. Do not wait until after you have defended your thesis or dissertation to put your name on the commencement list since the clearance process for graduation begins several months prior to commencement. Your department or the CSSH Graduate Office can easily take your name off the list at the last minute. See the Commencement website for Apply to Graduate deadlines.

Degrees are awarded in December, May, and August, and commencement ceremonies take place at the end of spring term. You can find the application to graduate, answers to frequently asked questions, and details about upcoming commencement ceremonies at Northeastern’s Commencement website.