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Powered by experience, our students and scholars create, curate, and share knowledge for positive global impact.

What are the Experiential Liberal Arts? A continuous cycle of learning, acting, and reflecting inside and outside the classroom. Building on essential skills like critical thinking, cultural awareness, and effective communication, we integrate experiential learning, new proficiencies, and local and global impact.

Experiential Academics

#1 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Whether it’s a co-op at the Library of Congress, or study abroad at the London School of Economics, or research in our Center on Crime, Race, and Justice, CSSH provides ample opportunities to apply new knowledge in authentic contexts.

#2 NEW PROFICIENCIES: Our classes and programs provide opportunities to integrate twenty-first-century skills such as digital storytelling, computational research methods, and ethical engagements with artificial intelligence into your learning.

#3 LOCAL & GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT: CSSH students engage with their communities through service learning, research, and volunteer opportunities. CSSH students have studied abroad on Dialogues of Civilization and held co-ops in over 80 different countries around the globe.

As future leaders, our students embark on diverse paths to engage with pressing social problems and create change.