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Co-op students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique international experience by working in communities and organizations around the globe. Global co-op is an impactful way for students to develop awareness, perspective, and confidence and to transform knowledge and skills across contexts all over the world.

Because experiential learning is at the core of Northeastern, the connections and contributions that students make through global co-op, by working and learning in a foreign country, are unique, broad, and deep. Preparing to work in a different country is different than getting ready for a domestic co-op. The information below is a starting point for students who are interested in pursuing a global co-op opportunity.

Preparing for Global Co-op

The first step in preparing for global co-op after completing the co-op search and work agreement is to set up an appointment with your primary co-op coordinator for advice.  In addition, you will need to attend an in-person global co-op information session.  A detailed list of steps and resources for global co-op is available in this global co-op checklist.  Plan to discuss global co-op jobs with your co-op coordinator.

Student Travel Resources

Before traveling to a foreign country for global co-op, please review the following resources and suggestions:

  1. Register your travel with Northeastern
  2. Check-out the Worldaware tool 
  3. Read the FAQs 
  4. Access petition to locations deemed high risk

The international travel office,, connects Northeastern University students to information, resources, and protocols for global co-op destinations.