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CSSH Peer Mentors are students in their sophomore year and above who provide new students in their department with peer guidance and support.

Applications for Fall 2023 CSSH Peer Mentors are now open!

New applicants may apply here by June 7.

Applicants who have previously served as CSSH Peer Mentors may apply here by June 7.

Please read all of the information below carefully prior to applying to ensure a strong understanding of the program, requirements, and eligibility. The CSSH Peer Mentor program is open to undergraduate students (second-years and above) whose home college is CSSH. CSSH Peer Mentors must be in classes or on part-time co-op in the Boston area during the semester they are seeking to mentor, and must have availability to attend their department’s 1000 class (first-year seminar). Students on full-time co-op are not eligible to mentor during their time on co-op.

What are the goals of the CSSH Peer Mentor program?

  1. Help first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their programs/departments
  2. Provide peer support during a student’s first semester on campus
  3. Ease new students’ transition to college/Northeastern life through peer guidance
  4. Introduce and help new students navigate opportunities on campus and in Boston
  5. Build a CSSH community that spans across class levels (from first-years to seniors)
  6. Provide examples of curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning pathways by sharing stories of lived experiences

What are the expectations of CSSH Peer Mentors? What compensation is provided?

  1. Mentor 3-7 new students in your academic department.
  2. Attend DEPT1000 (First-Year Seminar class) when invited by the instructor to share from your experiences and meet with mentees. Mentors must have schedule availability compatible with the meeting time of their department’s 1000 class. Students in combined majors will be considered for either department based on schedule and need.
  3. Host a department-wide community event with fellow Peer Mentors.
  4. Check-in with mentees individually or as a group every two weeks via in-person meeting, text, or email.
  5. Attend mandatory College-wide Peer Mentor trainings/check-in meetings every 3-4 weeks.
  6. Assist with planning College-wide community events, contribute to Students of CSSH social media account, and/or meet with College leaders to represent peers, as requested/available.

CSSH Peer Mentors will be compensated at $17/hour for Fall 2023. Peer Mentors can expect to commit an average of 1-2 hours per week to the program.

What are the expectations of Lead Peer Mentors? What compensation is provided?

In addition to the responsibilities of a CSSH Peer Mentor, Lead Peer Mentors are responsible for:

  1. Liaising with department faculty to coordinate DEPT1000 Peer Mentor visits
  2. Managing mentor-mentee assignments for their department
  3. Managing the event planning process for one department-wide event per semester
  4. Attending periodic check-in meetings with Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Engagement

One Lead Peer Mentor will be hired from each department. Lead Peer Mentors are required to have at least one semester of experience as a CSSH Peer Mentor with a strong record of reliability and engagement. Returning mentors who wish to be considered for the Lead Peer Mentor role can indicate their interest on the Returning Peer Mentor application.

Lead Peer Mentors will be compensated at $19/hour for Fall 2023. Lead Peer Mentors can expect to commit an average of 2-3 hours per week to the program.

What is the application deadline for Fall 2023?

Priority Application Deadline: June 7
Virtual Group Interviews: Week of June 12

Offers will be extended during the week of June 19.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions about the CSSH Peer Mentor program or application, please contact Kelliann Henry, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, at

Spring ’23 CSSH Peer Mentors:


Bentley McCullough

Criminal Justice:

Delaney Marvel-Burns
Lissette Bermudez
Rachel Umansky-Castro
Myrnette Millington
Maya Kozlov
Rebecca Scheldrup

International Affairs, HCL, CSGS, History:

Joanna Kuri Sayeg (INTL)
Gemma Pellegrini (INTL)
Lydia Rascher (INTL)
Ariana Aghili (INTL)
Liam Cmok Kehoe (INTL)
Bella Carbone (HCL)
Maria Theoharis (HIST)


Maddy King
Lucy Davis-Hup
Honor Seares
Ava Atanacio
Damian Lee


Diana Sanchez
Esther Yankah Koranteng
Grace Wilson
Teagan Acoff

Human Services:

Sadie Hornung


Julia Pace
Ashley Lee
Samira Saad

Political Science:

Gabriela Salerno
Ignacio Michelena
Ashley Clark
Abby Malmud
Gabrielle Starling
Frank Mastroianni
David Owyang
Gianna Mastrion


Anabel Scales
Mim Merchant