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GIVING DAY is APRIL 11. But you can make a gift now to support CSSH students and programs!

CSSH produces a weekly newsletter focusing on relevant news items from around the college. If you are interested in submitting your news item, please do so below. We look forward to celebrating with you. Note that submissions and news articles sent in after noon on Thursdays may not be included until the two weeks after submission.

If you are a faculty member and want to submit news of a research project that has been approved or funded, please do so through this form.

CSSH News Submission

  • Please share your good news, written up as you would like to see it appear in the newsletter. Include details such as date, relevant links, organizations/partners, and more. Please note submissions must be in by noon on Thursday for inclusion in the next newsletter. Submissions received later, if approved, will be in the newsletter released in two weeks.
  • If you have already written up your submission on your site, please share that link. Otherwise, provide any relevant links to support your submission.
  • Please check the box below if you feel this submission should be pitched as a story to News@Northeastern, and the Marketing and Communications Department will consider your request.
  • Please provide your email or phone in case we need to reach out for further details.