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Endnotes: Fall 2020 Newsletter

Summer 2020 PEAK Awards

Base Camp

Histoires Modernes de Paris: Idealization vs. Reality
Awardee: Arielle Ahrendts, International Affairs, CSSH ’21
Mentor: Professor Stacey Bourns, CSGS, CSSH

Water Unaffordability in the United States: Using Principles of Organizational Capacity to Understand Municipal Variation in Providing Water Access
Awardee(s): Matthew Canary, Sociology/Envr. Studies, CSSH ’22
Mentor: Professor Laura Senier, Sociology and Anthropology, CSSH

Immigrants’ Healthcare Access Under Shifting Public Policies
Awardee(s): Valeria Do Vale, Sociology/Political Science, CSSH’ 21
Mentor: Professor Tiffany Joseph, Sociology and Anthropology, CSSH

Territorial Stigma and Mental Health in Mumbai Slum
Awardee(s): Jasper Duval, Health Science/Sociology, CSSH ’23
Mentor: Professor Liza Weinstein, Sociology and Anthropology, CSSH

Environmental Justice and Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring
Awardee(s): Kira Mok, Sociology/Envr. Studies, CSSH ’24
Mentor: Professor Sara Wylie, Sociology and Anthropology, CSSH

Multilingual Writing Assessment Project
Awardee(s): Devon Regan, English, CSSH ’22
Mentor: Professor Mya Poe, English, CSSH

826 Writers’ Room Evaluation
Awardee(s): Marie Senescall, BENG/Biology/English, CSSH ’24
Mentor: Professor Emily Mann, Pub Policy and Urban Affairs, CSSH


Food Sovereignty Movements within a Regenerative Systems Framework
Awardee(s): Katherine Forsyth, International Affairs, CSSH ’20
Mentor: Professor Christopher Bosso, Pub Policy and Urban Affairs, CSSH

A Dangerous Climate Around Trade
Awardee(s): Elizabeth Williams, Sociology/Int’l Affairs, CSSH ’21
Mentor: Professor Daniel Faber, Sociology and Anthropology, CSSH

Fulbright Awards

Miranda Beggin DMSB/CSSH ’17
Country: Jordan
Project: Pathways to Employment for Palestinian Refugee Women in Jordan

Timothy Fraser PhD ’22 (Political Science)
Country: Japan
Project: Networks of Renewable Energy

Sharon Kim CSSH/DMSB ’20
Country: Spain
Project: English Teaching Assistant

Dakota Stephens CSSH ’19
Country: Ukraine
Project: English Teaching Assistant

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