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Experiential Learning

Academic Excellence and Experiential Learning

The combination of academic excellence and experiential learning is what distinguishes a CSSH education from any other liberal arts education. Students in all disciplines explore different career paths, academic interests, and global challenges by adapting to different settings, asking new questions, and applying their problem-solving skills to actual scenarios.

Through experiential education, CSSH students can combat poverty with social entrepreneurship in South America, map out complex narratives using digital tools, or publish global policy research with international organizations. They can take a co-op position at a local social service agency one semester, and in another find themselves building a similar organization in Thailand or South Africa in the faculty-led Dialogue of Civilizations program.

These experiences make students’ coursework come alive, enabling them to explore the possibilities of their major, and helping them to achieve long-term educational and career goals. The videos below feature several CSSH students describing how experiential learning affected their intellectual growth and academic goals. Learn More