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Marianna Koli

Photo of Marianna Koli

Faculty Director Social Sciences and Senior Lecturer for Economics ~ London Campus

Dr Marianna Koli joined Northeastern University London for its first teaching year, and has held a range of responsibilities at the University. She is currently Faculty Director of Social Sciences, overseeing Business & Project Management, Design & Communication Studies, Economics, Politics & IR, Sociology and Anthropology, and Psychology.

Marianna has previously also managed teams in other subject areas at Northeastern University London, such as Professional Skills (the Launch programme) and Mathematics. She has a strong interest in student employability and experiential education.

Marianna was educated at the University of Manchester. She gained a BSc degree in International Management with American Business Studies, an MSc in Business Economics, and a PhD in Development Policy and Management. She held a full-time academic position in the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham, before joining Northeastern University London in 2012.

Prior to her academic career, she worked in accounting and logistics at ExxonMobil, and as an executive research assistant for the United Nations. Her experience in supporting students and staff in Higher Education is underpinned by a number of pastoral and advisory positions in educational organisations and charities.


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