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Alan Clayton-Matthews

Headshot of Alan Clayton-Matthews

Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy

Alan Clayton-Matthews was a professor and director of quantitative methods in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. He spent his 2007 sabbatical leave at the Dukakis Center. At the Center, he was the chief designer of the Labor Market Assessment Tool (LMAT) and has served as a consultant on a number of projects including “Staying Power: The Future of Manufacturing in Massachusetts”.

Clayton-Matthews is co-editor of Massachusetts Benchmarks, a joint publication of the University of Massachusetts and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston that presents timely information and analysis about the performance of the Massachusetts economy. He is also a Director of the New England Economic Project, a group of economists and managers from academia, business, and government who study and forecast the New England economy. Previously, Clayton-Matthews has worked as an economist and policy analyst for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Social Welfare Research Institute at Boston College, and DRI/McGraw-Hill. He received his PhD in economics from Boston College.