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Part-Time Lecturer in English

Carolyn Sirois brings an interdisciplinary background in English Literature, Political Science and Studio Art to her teaching practice. Carolyn’s orientation to interdisciplinary learning informs the collaborative and multi-modal projects she designs for students in both First-Year Writing and Advanced Writing in the Disciplines.

Her research interests include writing studies, visual poetics, visual culture, building knowledge through objects, the archival impulse in writing and art and ruins aesthetic. In addition to many years teaching for the Writing Program at Northeastern, Carolyn has also taught at the SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts), Berklee School of Music and the Boston Architectural Center.

Carolyn is a graduate of Lesley University, SMFA at Tufts and Northeastern University. Outside her teaching life and studio work, Carolyn enjoys family movie nights, the energy of NYC and calm of Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Medici Artist (2008, 2007, 2003)

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Course catalog
  • Designed for students whose first or strongest language is not English. Students study and practice writing in a workshop setting; read a range of texts in order to describe and evaluate the choices writers make and apply that knowledge to their own writing; explore how writing functions in a variety of academic, professional, and public contexts; and write for various purposes and audiences in multiple genres and media. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to conduct research using primary and secondary sources and to give and receive feedback, to revise their work, and to reflect on their growth as writers.

  • Offers writing instruction for students interested in interdisciplinary study or who wish to explore multiple disciplines. Students practice and reflect on writing in professional, public, and academic genres relevant to their individual experiences and goals. In a workshop setting, offers students an opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of sources and to develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, peer review, and revision.

  • Designed for students who would benefit from an extra semester of writing instruction before taking ENGW 1111. Students study and practice writing in a workshop setting. Introduces students to college-level writing, reading, and research. Offers students an opportunity to give and receive feedback, to revise their work, and to reflect on their growth as writers.