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Eric Jackson, widely considered the “Dean of Boston Jazz Radio” hosts "Eric in the Evening" on 89.7 WGBH Radio. Photo taken in the WGBH studios in Boston.

Part-Time Lecturer

Eric Jackson is an award winning radio announcer and producer who has been on the air in Boston for 50 years. For the last 4 decades, he has hosted a jazz program on WGBH. His radio work has not been limited to jazz. He has produced a public affairs show,  hosted and programed a show featuring a variety of styles of music for several years and was the script writer and narrator for a 30 episode weekly show on the history of African American music.

Jackson has taught at both Simmons College (now University) and Wheelock College. For years he served as Visiting Lecturer at Longy School of Music.

Frequently requested as a lecturer, he has spoken at Brown University, Providence College and Leeds College of Music (U.K.) and other educational institutions. In addition, he has lectured at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and The Museum of African American History and several other museums.


Course catalog
  • John Coltrane and the History of Jazz in the United States

    AFAM 1135

    Studies the development and history of jazz in the United States through the life of John Coltrane, who was frequently considered one of the greatest musicians of all time. Considers his impact on the genre and mode of jazz music, including his advanced and innovative conceptions (melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic) and other stylistic contributions to African-American creative improvisation that also changed music across the globe. Emphasizes his impact on jazz and other improvisational music and expressive art forms. Also covers his spiritual legacy, which focused on using music for the improvement of humanity.

  • The African-American Experience through Music

    AFAM 1104

    Explores the various musical traditions of African Americans, with a specific focus on the United States. Examines the impact of African, European, and Native American traditions on African-American music as well as the role of music as an expression of African-American aesthetics, traditions, and life. Considers historical and contemporary forms of African-American music, with selected video presentations.