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Part-Time Lecturer in English

Julie Baer teaches social-justice-themed first-year and advanced writing in the disciplines seminars. In addition to teaching at NU and BU, she has taught writing in workforce development and college transition programs in community-based organizations.

Her research interests involve academic reading and writing development and writing assessment among multilingual, academically underserved, immigrant, and first-generation college students. She is a longtime professional visual artist.

• Love Me Later, Bollix Books, 2005, Story and art

• I Only Like What I Like, Bollix Books, 2003, Story and art

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  • Education

    EdD Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership, Northeastern University
    EdM Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Course catalog
  • Offers instruction in writing for students considering careers or advanced study in the social sciences. By exploring research literature and reflecting on their own experiences, offers students an opportunity to identify issues of interest and analyze how texts make claims, invoke other social science literature, offer evidence, and deploy key terms. Through analysis and imitation, exposes students to the challenges of the social science project, including the collection of data on human subjects and the ethical presentation of evidence. In a workshop setting, offers students an opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of sources and develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, peer review, and revision.

  • Designed for students whose first or strongest language is not English. Students study and practice writing in a workshop setting; read a range of texts in order to describe and evaluate the choices writers make and apply that knowledge to their own writing; explore how writing functions in a variety of academic, professional, and public contexts; and write for various purposes and audiences in multiple genres and media. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to conduct research using primary and secondary sources and to give and receive feedback, to revise their work, and to reflect on their growth as writers.