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Headshot of Matt Lee

Teaching Professor of Human Services

Matt Lee has taught courses in counseling theory and practice, cross-cultural psychology, ethnic identity and conflict (in Romania, Germany, Poland, and Croatia), intro to psychology, lifespan development, developmental psychology, race and empowerment, Asian American identity, psychology and literature, and senior capstone.

His research has examined campus climate and advocacy for diversity/inclusion in the classroom, and Asian American mental health as it relates to experiences of microaggressions that may be associated with phenotype or socialization.

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Course catalog
  • Presents an overview of the major theoretical approaches to counseling and therapeutic interventions. Focuses on developing clinical skills and competency in intentional interviewing. Combines systemic group exercises and experiential activities to practice interviewing techniques. Cross-cultural issues in counseling are integrated throughout the course.

  • Ethnic Identity and Conflict in Croatia and Bosnia. Though Croatia itself has emerged from the 90s ex-Yugoslavia conflict as a budding new tourist destination, many faultlines from the wars are still clearly visible, moreso in Bosnia, as are continued unemployment, PTSD and trauma, and distrust of the government. By visiting specific places on-site, meeting local guest speakers, and participating in local culture, students will have a better understanding of regional psychology and possible methods to repair ethnic tensions. This class will explore ethnic identity and conflict in former Yugoslavia. Our travel route will allow students to explore cultural traditions, knowledge, and psychology, and develop an understanding of ethical travel, personal responsibility, and cultural competence abroad.