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Writing Program

Matthew Hitchcock

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Postdoctoral Teaching Associate in English

Matthew’s research has focused heavily on family archives and research through lived experiences. His dissertation, Commemorative Objects: Tracing Memory, Meaning Making, and Uptakes through Family Photographs, dove into his own family archives, and traced the many uptakes we encounter when looking back while looking forward.

Matthew’s teaching utilizes his experiences with using family archives and often asks students to make their own as fodder for exploration in class. He also uses his background in rhetorical genre studies to help students trace why they write in particular situations and what genres prompt the best actions based on the situation.

Matthew received his Ph.D in English focusing on Writing and Rhetoric in 2021.

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  • Offers writing instruction for students in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Students practice and reflect on writing in professional, public, and academic genres—such as proposals, recommendation reports, letters, presentations, and e-mails—relevant for careers in business. In a workshop setting, offers students an opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of sources and develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, peer review, and revision.