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Associate Academic Specialist

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Rachel Berman-Kobylarz was born and raised in Las Vegas and has lived and traveled extensively, including studying abroad in Italy for a summer.  She has been profoundly Deaf since birth and prides herself as being Bilingual/Bicultural. Rachel graduated from Gallaudet with a MA in Communication Sciences and Northern Colorado University with a MA in Teaching American Sign Language. While earning her masters in Teaching ASL, she researched the nativeness factor of L2 teachers and the impact on ASL teaching.

Rachel has over 14 years of teaching experience at the university level and is particularly interested in curriculum planning and ASL etymology.  She is active in the Deaf Community and has served in many capacities.  At Gallaudet, she was Vice President of the Graduate Student Association, and while living in Denver, she managed and hosted “ASL Slam Denver”, a monthly poetry slam that celebrates ASL.

As a consultant and independent contractor, she has taught ASL/Deaf Culture privately at several corporation companies and worked closely with Deaf-friendly as a trainer creating a better and accessible world for our community.  She is passionate about making theatre accessible as she grew up dancing and went to an arts high school and strives to become an ASL Master Consultant for theater or a Director of Artistic Sign Language (DASL); she has worked with both Deaf actors and interpreters as an ASL coach at several theaters. Rachel also has completed 40 hours of CDI course, worked with  interpreters as an ASL coach, and has volunteered at CORE Denver as a language mentor.

In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her Deaf husband and hearing puppy (Boston Terrier Amstaff mix!), stand-up paddle-boarding, traveling, working out on her Peloton bike, hiking, going to the theatre and exploring new spots and hobbies.

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  • Education

    BA Communication Sciences from the University of Arizona, MA Communication Sciences from Gallaudet University, MA Teaching American Sign Language from the University of Northern Colorado

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    407A Meserve Hall