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Stephen Sadow

Headshot of Steve Sadow

Professor Emeritus

  • Harvard Graduate (non-teaching) Fellowship, 1972
  • Whiting Foundation Fellowship, 1974-1975
  • Best Teaching Fellow, Department of Romance Languages, 1977
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Northeastern University, 1982
  • Honoree, The American Association for Higher Education.
  • Citation:  “Stephen A. Sadow whose work on Academic Alliances has strengthened bonds of mutual respect and ongoing intellectual inquiry among school and college teachers,” 1992
  • Twenty-Five Year Society, Northeastern University
  • Littauer Foundation Grant, $3500, 2002
  • Advisor of the Year Award, College of Arts & Sciences, 2002
  • Premio de la Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina , 2005
  • Provost’s ENHANCE Grant for research in Latin America. $6000, 2008

Books/ Written, Edited and/or Translated 

1. Idea Bank: Creative Activities for the Language Class. Boston: Newbury House/Heinle & Heinle, 1982. 156 pp. 19 printings.

2. ¡Fantástico!: Activities for Creative Communication. Boston: Heinle & Heinle, 1989. 165 pp. ¡Fantástico!: Instructor’s Manual, 40 pp., with an audiotape and tape script to be used by instructors in class.

3. We, the Generation in the Wilderness: The Early Poetry of Ricardo Feierstein. Boston: Ford-Brown, 1989. 70 pp. A bilingual edition: Introduction, edited by S. Sadow; translations by J. Kates and S. Sadow.

4. Jewish Latin American Writers in the United States: An Anthology. Guest editor of a special Edition of. Brújula/Compass (Winter 1995). 80 pp.

5. Un yanqui judío: (A Jewish Yankee). Buenos Aires: Acervo Cultural Editores, 1997. 120pp. Essays.

6. Thoughtworks: Imaginative Problem-solving Activities for Small Groups.. With D. Maas and F. Maas. Fort Collins, CO: Cottonwood Press, 1997. 96 pp. Creativity materials for middle school students.

7. King David’s Harp: Autobiographical Essays by Jewish Latin American Writers. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1999 Winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Autobiography, 1999.

8. Mestizo: A Novel by Ricardo Feierstein (Argentina). Translation from the Spanish and Preface. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2000. 360 pp.

9. Hotel Amerikka: A Fable in Two Acts. A drama by Isaac Goldemberg (Peru). Translation from the Spanish and Introduction. Culver City, CA: Antylo Press, 2001. 116 pp. Produced at Hostos Community College (CUNY), March 14, 2003. ctions from ‘We, the Generation in the Wilderness'” by Ricardo Feierstein (translation 8 with J. Kates) Pig Iron Review Anthology of Third World Literature. Youngstown, Ohio: Pig Iron Press, 1988, 96.

3. “Argentina1983” by Ricardo Feierstein (translation with J. Kates) Minnesota Review. (April 1989), 36.

4. “Selections from ‘Vital Statistics'” by Ricardo Feierstein (translations with J. Kates) International Poetry Review. 17,1 (Spring 1991), 58-69.

5. “Harangue on the Death of Chaim Nachman Bialik” by César Tiempo (translation with J. Kates) The Jewish Frontier. 61,5 (1994) 18-19.

6. “Diptych” by Ricardo Feierstein (translation with J. Kates) The Plum Review. 7(1994)54-57.

7. “From the Autobiography of Alberto Gerchunoff” Hopscotch (Preview Edition, Spring, 1998) 54-7. Reprinted in Ilan Stavans, ed. The Scroll and the Cross.

9. “The Last Charge of the Polish Cavalry.” By Ricardo Feierstein, (translation with J. Kates) Stand (England) 18,3(1998), 53-4.10. “God Invited Hunger to Seder” by Isaac Goldemberg, (translation with J. Kates) The Massachusetts Review. (Spring, 2000)119-20.

11. “Lebanon” (“Libano”) by Teodoro Ducach. (translation with J. Kates) Salt (Australia), (2000) 234.

12. “Six Poems by Isaac Goldemberg,” in Entre Rascacielos/Amid Skyscapers: Twelve Hispanic Poets in New York, A Bilingual Anthology. Ed. Marie-Lize Grazarian-Gautier. Riobamba, Ecuador: Casa de Cultura Ecuatoriana, 2000, 23-38.

13. “Houses” by Isaac Goldemberg. Shabdaguchha 4,2 (October 2001)10.

14. “The Jew’s Imprecise Sonnet” by Isaac Goldemberg. In Ilan Stavans, ed. The Scroll and the Cross. NY: Routledge, 2003, 248.

15. “The Alchemists” by Angelina Muñiz-Huberman. Translation with J. Kates. The Santa Clara Review. 90,1(Fall-Winter 2002-2003), 109.

16. “Twelve Poems by Isaac Goldemberg.” The Literary Review. Translation with J. Kates.(Winter, 2003)48-63. 10

17. “Poems by Isaac Goldemberg.” Translation with J. Kates. Intro. S. Sadow. In Harmony. New York: World Congress of Poets, 2004, pp. 299-301.

18. “Four Poems by Ricardo Feierstein.” The Dirty Goat. (2005) 72-83.

19. “Sex” by Ricardo Feierstein. Translation with J. Kates. In Fred Moramarco and Al Zolynas, eds. The Poetry of Men’s Lives. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2005, 275-6.

20. “Three Poems by Teodoro Ducach.” Translation with J. Kates. Cross-Cultural Magazine, 2005, 66-73. Translation with J. Kates.

21. “The Last Supper and Other Poems by Isaac Goldemberg.” Translation with J. Kates. Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas 70(2005)92-97.

22. “Buenos Aires y other Poems by Ricardo Feierstein.” Translation with J. Kates. Ars Interpres.(Stockholm) 4-5(2005)147-50.

23. “Poems by Angelina Muñiz-Huberman,” Translation with J. Kates, Translation. 1(2005)121-37.

24. “Decalogue” by Ricardo Feierstein. Translation with J. Kates. Cyphers.(Ireland) 58(2005)27.

25. “Poetry by Ricardo Feierstein” Translation with J. Kates. Introduction by S. Sadow Sulphur River Literary Review 21,2(2005)7-35.

26. “4 Poems by Isaac Goldemberg” Review 70. (2007) 16-19.

27. “My Buenos Aires of Immigrants and Tough Guys” by Ricardo Feierstein, Habitus 3(2007)33-38.

28. “The Battle of Peru” by Willy Gómez Migliaro (Peru) Forthcoming.

29. “2 Poems by Daniel Chirom.” Cyphers. Dublin. Forthcoming.

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