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Thomas Barnay

Visiting Professor in Economics

Prof. Barnay is a  Health Economist. He is Full Professor in Economics at University Paris-Est Créteil (currently on leave) and he was Head of the Paris South-East unit research in economics (ERUDITE).

He was the 2021–22 French Harkness Fellow (the Commonwealth Fund) and Visiting Professor in Harvard Medical School (Department of Health Care Policy).  His research deals with working conditions, and employment, C-19 and mental health issues, with a public health policy dimension.

In addition, he is supervising 4 PhD students. He is also the Vice-President Research of the French Health Economics Association and the Chair of the Scientific Committee of Annual meeting of the French Health Economics Association. Finally, he is Elected Member of Directors Board of the French Economic Association.


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ECON 1230 – Healthcare and Medical Economics (CRN 16366)

ECON 3440 – Public Finance (CRN 20295)

ECON 3413 – Health Economics and Health Care Policy (CRN 18496)

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Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice (the Commonwealth Fund), Harvard University, Harvard Medical School,Boston, USA (with Joseph P. Newhouse and Richard G. Frank) (2021-2022), US.Awards of Outstanding Science by the French Education Ministry (2010-2022), France.Winner of Pedagogy’s Trophy SMBG 2014 as Head of the Master of Degree in Health Economics, UPEC, France.Contribution Award 2009, Congress of the French Society of Public Health, France.PhD Prize 2005, Pensions Observatory, France.Dissertation in Master of Degree Prize 2000, France.

Recent Articles in Peer-Reviewed International Journals

Barnay T., Defebvre E., (2021), “Retired at last: Working conditions and the role of retirement on health status”, Annals of Economics and Statistics, No. 144 (December), pp. 39-74.

Serrano, A.G., Tapia, C.M., Taille, A., Mongiat-Artus, P., Irani, J., Bex, A., Paillaud, E., Audureau, E., Barnay, T., Laurent, M., Canouï-Poitrine, F. (2021) “Adherence to Treatment Guidelines and Associated Survival in Older Patients with Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Multicentre Cohort Study”. Cancers, 13, 4694.

Barnay T. (2020), “Interactions of Work and Health: An Economic Perspective”. In: Theorell T. (eds) Handbook of Socioeconomic Determinants of Occupational Health. Handbook Series in Occupational Health Sciences. Springer, Cham.

Barnay T, Duguet E, Le Clainche, (2019), “The effects of breast cancer on individual Labour market outcomes: an evaluation from an administrative panel”, Annals of Economics and Statistics, n°136, pp.103-126.

Barnay T., Defebvre E (2019), “Gender differences in the influence of mental health on job retention”, LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 33(4); pp.507-532.

Baudot F-O, Aguadé A-S, Barnay T., Gastaldi-Ménager C., Fagot-Campagna C, (2019), « Impact of type 2 diabetes on health expenditure: estimation based on individual administrative data », European Journal of Health Economics. Vol. 20 (5), pp 657-668.

Barnay T., Duguet E., Le Clainche C., Videau Y., (2019), “An evaluation of the 1987 French Law for the employment of disabled people: Better paying than hiring”, European Journal of Health Economics. Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 597–610.

Sirven N, Barnay T (2017), “Expectations, Loss Aversion, and Retirement Decisions in the Context of the 2009 Crisis in Europe”, International Journal of Manpower. 38(1): 25-44.

Barnay T, Juin S, (2016), “Does home care for dependent elderly people improve their mental health?”, Journal of Health Economics, Volume 45, pp 149–160.

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Working Papers

Barnay T., Duguet É. & Videau Y., “Did the 2005 French Disabled workers Act increase the employment rate of people with disabilities? An econometric evaluation on panel data” (WP version)

Barnay T. & Defebvre É., “Working conditions and disabilities in French workers: a career-long retrospective study” (WP version)

Bondoux J., Barnay T., Jusot F. & Renaud T., “How does disability affect income? An empirical study among older European workers?” (WP version)

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