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Tsegay Tekleselassie

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Before joining Northeastern University, Tsegay Tekleselassie was a senior/lead researcher at the Policy Studies Institute in Ethiopia. He has published in international peer-reviewed journals such as the World Economy and Applied Economics letters. Dr. Tekleselassie obtained a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Sussex (United Kingdom), an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and a BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia). Tsegay is an avid runner.

Areas of research specialization: Labor Economics, Industrial Policy and Structural Transformation, Political Economy, Economic Growth, Human Capital

Featured Course: Macroeconomics Theory (ECON 2315)

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Refereed Journals

  • McKay, A., & Tekleselassie, T. G. (2018). Tall paper walls: The political economy of visas and cross‐border travel. The World Economy41(11), 2914-2933.
  • Reilly, B., & Tekleselassie, T. G. (2018). The role of United States Visa Waiver Program on cross-border travel. Applied Economics Letters25(1), 61-65.

Book Chapters

  • Ethiopia Case Study (with John Page, Nzinga Brousard, Tadele Ferede, and Hansa Reda) in Hino, H., & Ranis, G. (Eds.), Youth and Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Working But Poor (pp. 163-231). Routledge (2014)
  • Ethiopia Productivity Report 2020 with Mulu Gebreeyesus and Kidanemariam Hailu (The Policy Studies Institute (Ethiopia) and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Japan)
  • Macroeconomic Outlook, Structural Change and Policy Options in Ethiopia: Achievements, Aspirations, and Prospects in State of the Ethiopian Economy 2020/21, Ethiopian Economic Association ISBN 978-99944-54-81-5

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