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Please complete this questionnaire prior to your First Semester Academic Advising appointment.

First Semester Advising Meeting Prep Questionnaire

  • Example: 0011223344
  • Academic Advisor Assignments:
    Africana Studies: Alain Akasa
    American Sign Language: Ariana Roche
    Asian Studies: Justin Repici
    Criminal Justice: Heather Stellberger
    Cultural Anthropology: Ariana Roche
    Economics: A-K Linghesh Kakkanaiah; L-O Jan Wong; P-Z Justin Repici
    English: Alain Akasa
    History: Stefani Anderson
    Human Services: Jan Wong
    International Affairs: A-P Stefani Anderson; Q-Z Heather Stellberger
    Philosophy & Religious Studies: Linghesh Kakkanaiah
    Political Science: A-F Linghesh Kakkanaiah; G-R Jan Wong; S-Z Alain Akasa
    PPE: Alain Akasae
    Sociology: Ariana Roche
    Spanish: Ariana Roche

    Please Note: If you have a declared combined major that includes 2 CSSH disciplines, your academic advisor is the advisor for the program that comes first (for example, if your major is Sociology/International Affairs, your academic advisor is the advisor for Sociology).