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Associated Research Centers

The interdisciplinary Ethics Institute at Northeastern University is dedicated to bringing ethical analysis and evaluation to bear on social and environmental issues, as well as to conducting original research in the areas of applied ethics, religious ethics, ethical theory, social and political philosophy, and formal methods in ethics and epistemology.

CLIC combines the study of innovation and creativity with the School of Law’s social justice mission. CLIC is a unique environment attracting scholars, lawyers, students, creators, innovators, start-up ventures and established companies to study the regulation of intellectual property and technology.

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute safeguards the world’s essential technology. Join us – and our industry, academia, and government partners – to protect society from real-world cyber-threats.

The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks is Northeastern University’s center for digital humanities and computational social science.

The DATA Initiative is a cross-disciplinary, innovative thought leadership hub committed to researching, developing and sharing new approaches for transforming organizations into data-driven businesses and helping them to manage transitions between the natural and virtual worlds.