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Megan Barney

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Masters in Public History, 2019

Megan shares stories of the past with individuals online, just like we do!

Although she was in the history department classrooms for Northeastern University’s Public History Master’s Program only a few months ago, Megan Barney is already out in the field and applying her unique experiences to her position at Facing History. Prior to Northeastern, Megan attended Elmira College (@elmiracollege) where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and American Studies. While earning a Master of Arts degree in Public History and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, Megan became an expert on the different ways humanities research and education can exist and thrive on a digital platform.

Megan’s favorite part of the public history program at Northeastern was the opportunity to partner with the Digital Scholarship Group (@NU_DSG) and the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks (@NUlabTMN) to think through overlooked narratives and new ways of learning in the digital sphere. In fact, Megan’s digital project titled, “History Needs New Heroes,” combined statistical analysis and historical interpretation to measure the demographics of individuals identified, or not, as heroes in history textbooks. This project inspired her to want to work for a forward-thinking educational organization like Facing History. The classes she took at Northeastern and the many mentors she found prepared her to think through how history should be interpreted and how to manage many projects efficiently.

Currently, Megan is the Coordinator of Online Learning at Facing History and Ourselves (@facinghistory) in Brookline, MA. Facing History is an educational non-profit organization that uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate. Megan oversees the development and technical production of all professional development webinars.

The Northeastern University History Department is proud of Megan’s achievements as a student and now as a Public Historian. She continues to educate the public about history with an organization and on a platform that encourages participation from any demographic. Megan is certainly a history hero in our book!

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    Graduated in 2019