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Please identify the person to whom the SGA would report.
Please describe the SGA assistantship in some detail so that applicants can understand what type of opportunity they are applying for (~150 words).
Please indicate the number of positions you can fund here.
Please provide a description of the overarching project. If there are research partners (internal or external) please note those here. This should be an abstract length description (~150 words).
E.g. on campus. If this involves off-site research, please indicate location(s).
This information is needed to charge the SGA stipend and will not be displayed on the site.
Please list any specific qualifications here. For example, if the graduate assistant needs particular methodological or analytical skills or a particular disciplinary or inter-disciplinary background that should be made clear in the qualifications section. If the applicant needs to travel or access to a car, those details should also be included here.

Company Details

Please provide the name of the contact person to whom applications should be sent.