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After reviewing the position description, complete and submit your application below. Note:

  • TA candidates must have successfully passed EESH 2000, or the equivalent Prof. Development for Co-op course in another college
  • You can apply to be a TA with any CSSH co-op coordinator. The time commitment and responsibilities will vary by co-op coordinator and will be solidified before the semester begins
  • You must be able to dedicate 2-3 hours per week for the first half of the term and 1-2 hours for the second half of the term
  • EESH 2000 TAs are compensated $17/hour and must have a valid I-9 on file with Student Financial Services to receive funds. For instructions on submitting your pre-hire paper-work, please click the following link: New/Incoming | Student Employment (

Potential Responsibilities:

Inside the classroom

  • Attend each class session of EESH2000
  • Track attendance and class participation
  • Share examples from your own student experience
  • Lead in-class discussion, discussion groups, or activities
  • Present material to the class
  • Model and enforce professional classroom etiquette

Outside the classroom

  • Meet with the instructor before the term to discuss position expectations, plan for the semester, and goals for your development
  • Meet weekly with the instructor to become oriented with the coming week’s lesson plan and discuss any course or student issues
  • Email students with course updates
  • Track grades and inform students of their grades as requested
  • Follow up with students regarding missing assignments or attendance
  • Catch students up on class material when they’ve been absent
  • Provide feedback on resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, or reading assignments
  • Meet with assigned students to conduct mock interviews and/or provide mentoring

These duties will be adapted based on the co-op coordinator/instructor of the course and with TA’s achievement of their own goals in mind.

The priority deadline for SP 24 Co-op Teaching Assistants is Friday, Dec. 8

Co-op TA Application

  • By signing my name and submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have a valid I-9 file on record with The Student Employment office.