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Wu blocks new artificial turfs in Boston parks, refrains from calling it a ban

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Artificial turf is seen during a training session at Richcraft Recreation Center on June 1, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. The synthetic grass has become a topic of debate amid concerns about PFAS exposure.

WGBH, October 2022

Mayor Michelle Wu last week halted the installation of a new artificial turf field in a city park, but city officials stopped short of calling the move a ban.

“The City has a preference for grass playing surfaces wherever possible,” a city spokesman said in a statement to GBH News. “There is no ban on the installation of turf in the City of Boston.”

That clarification came after the appearance of a single sentence in the reconstruction plans of the city’s Malcolm X Park in Roxbury. A notation in the plan stated: “Mayor Wu has directed that no new artificial turf fields will be installed in the City of Boston.”

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