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2018 CSSH Master’s Commencement Ceremony Student Speaker

Sarah Taylor Lockwood

2018 CSSH Master’s Commencement Ceremony Student Speaker

Sarah Lockwood is a 2018 graduate of the Master of Science program in criminology and criminal justice. At Northeastern, her research focused on understanding institutional responses to human trafficking and the role of public perception on anti-trafficking efforts. Sarah contributed as a graduate researcher to the Institute on Race and Justice on a variety of federally funded projects aimed at advancing knowledge of human trafficking and victimization experiences of vulnerable populations. In addition to being a research consultant for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County. She served as the master’s student representative for the criminal justice program on the College of Social Science and Humanities master’s student advisory group.

Prior to attending Northeastern, Sarah completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, where she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and criminology. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering, and attending hockey games with friends. Upon graduation, Sarah will continue her graduate education at Northeastern University, pursuing her doctoral degree in criminology and justice policy.

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