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Annual Women of Color Conference

The Civic Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council supports a culture of inclusion in CSSH. Diversity and inclusion are key to achieving our goals of academic excellence and global engagement.

Civic sustainability is a method used to frame everyday interactions in the highest regard for each other’s dignity, habits of mind, ways of being, and means of expression. This practice will create a culture of inclusion in which diverse peoples, languages, and ways of thinking are valued and shared in collective efforts to address the pressing social concerns of our time.

Our goals are in keeping with the University’s Strategic Plan relating to diversity and inclusion.

Featured Stories

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CSDI Council Member, Tiffany D. Joseph, Publishes in Newsweek

Dr. Tiffany D. Joseph Considers Immigration and COVID-19

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A Guide to Racial Literacy

NU Pop-Ups Inspire Conversation

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An Evening with Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander Discusses ‘The New Jim Crow’

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Spotlight Series

Our mission

  1. We seek to foster critical engagement with questions of identity, oppression, privilege, and inequality in our classrooms and beyond;
  2. We are committed to confronting the barriers to full inclusion of historically excluded underrepresented groups in all aspects of the community deepening the cultural understandings of every member. 
  3. We work together create a community where all members value and respect differences, share a sense of belonging, and fully participate;
  4. We continue our ongoing work in recruiting and retaining an excellent and diverse community of students, staff and faculty;
  5. We provide training to support inclusive practices in our teaching, research, service and community engagement.