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2023 CSSH Outstanding Staff Awards

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 CSSH Outstanding Staff Awards. These awards began in 2016, and this year’s winners will be recognized at the Faculty and Staff Celebration on Tuesday, April 4, 4:30 – 6:30 pm on the 17th floor of East Village. 

The winners of this year’s CSSH Outstanding Staff Awards are:

Jennifer Akula – Director of College Research Administration

Office of the Dean

Jennifer Akula is pivotal in advancing faculty research and sustaining graduate education through funding and grants. She is known for being a reliable source of information and going above and beyond for CSSH faculty and researchers. With a noteworthy commitment to smooth and successful grant management, Jennifer has proven herself to be an important and supportive member of the Dean’s Office. She is well-regarded by colleagues as “efficient, energetic, and knowledgeable.”

Sarah Connell – Associate Director

NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks | Women Writers Project

Sarah Connell is a key member of Northeastern’s digital humanities and computational social science community, described by her colleagues as a “true leader, wonderful collaborator, strong mentor, and difference-maker.” Her work at NULab epitomizes organization, commitment, and knowledge of university systems and shines a light on her dedication to the institution. With the Women Writers Project, Sarah exerts ingenuity and special care in ensuring that students feel supported and have maximum learning opportunities. She is a “go-to” collaborator who has enriched her academic community.

Janet-Louise Joseph – Administrative Officer

Political Science

Janet-Louise Joseph has enriched the lives of the faculty, staff, and students of the Political Science department for 25 years with her professionalism, collegiality, and commitment to the university. She has made exceptional contributions to the department in her time as administrative officer and displayed a profound effectiveness in her response to challenges that the department has faced over recent years. Janet-Louise’s role in supervising administrative staff has been notable, and her assistance and advice to everyone in the Political Science community is well appreciated.

Jennifer Lobisser – Administrative Specialist


Jennifer Lobisser is adored and respected by colleagues for her support, professional expertise, and problem-solving skills. She excels in her many tasks for the English department, from running course registration to managing the department’s budget to onboarding new faculty members. Jennifer’s leadership allowed the English department to function smoothly during the pandemic and through to the present day; she takes any challenges in stride and finds solutions with a strong, yet calm presence.

Sally Solomon – Senior Coordinator of Student Support

Office of Student Academic Affairs

Sally Solomon has been a valuable member of the Northeastern community for 35 years and has helped countless students during her time with CSSH. She works to guide students to needed academic, medical, mental health, and spiritual resources and ensures that they feel supported. Sally helps students navigate the various rules and standards in an often complex environment. She is the prototype for persistence advising at Northeastern, having created the network that brings staff together to discuss issues that students find important, such as financial aid and mental health. She works with students during their most vulnerable moments to ensure that they can succeed.

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 CSSH Outstanding Staff Award Winners!

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