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3 Northeastern students studying in Israel as Hamas launch surprise attack

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News footage of Northeastern University sign.

WBZ News, October 2023

Three Northeastern students are currently studying abroad in Israel, as Hamas militant groups invaded Israel on Saturday. The attack killed at least 250 people and according to the Israeli military, holding citizens and soldiers hostage in Gaza. Northestern University  tells WBZ they are providing those students with resources and working to evacuate them and get them home as soon as possible. This is just one example of the conflict in Israel affecting people here at home.

The international community is speaking out against the violence in Israel, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey spoke to reporters in Boston on Saturday calling on his colleagues to take action. “We need to ensure the U.S. and the international community intervene diplomatically,” said Senator Markey. The devastation in Israel casting a wide-net, reaching community members in Massachusetts frightened for their loved ones.

“My spouse woke me this morning with the news. He was already in communication with some of our friends who are in shelters,” says Lori Lefkovitz, who is a Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies at Northeastern, with a history of taking students on trips to the region. “In one case we were there during the Gulf War and the university spirited us home a week early,” says Professor Lefkovitz.

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