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About CSSH

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is the liberal arts core of Northeastern University’s thriving academic community.

The college’s 17 schools, departments, and programs – with disciplines ranging from economics and history, to English and international affairs, just to name a few – form an interdisciplinary collaborative of scholars with global perspectives. The CSSH mission is:

This mission, along with a strong international focus, gives CSSH a central role in fulfilling Northeastern’s ambition of educating global citizens.

Undergraduate Education

CSSH offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs, including 15 different majors as well as a diverse set of combined-major options, concentrations, minors, and five-year bachelor/master’s degree PlusOne programs. All engage students in original research; all weave global perspectives into the learning process. With such an array of options, students’ paths are rarely the same, but all benefit from a rich environment for intellectual growth. Read More

Graduate Education

Graduate programs in CSSH provide fertile ground and resources for advanced study and research. CSSH faculty members’ cutting-edge interdisciplinary work inspires the development of new programs, research fellowship opportunities, and mentoring relationships. Read More

Experiential Learning Philosophy

CSSH emphasizes real-world educational experiences. Whether it is by gaining job or research experience on co-op, exploring societal challenges through service learning, engaging with peoples or cultures in a foreign country, or creating new knowledge on a directed research study, experiential learning is a part of every CSSH student’s Northeastern career. Read More

World-Class Faculty

CSSH is home to over 160 tenured and tenure-track faculty members who are leaders in their areas of expertise. CSSH faculty members include trailblazers in security and resilience studies, urban/coastal sustainability, environmental health and ethics, network science, and digital humanities, among others. Read More

A Community of Thinkers

CSSH fosters a collaborative environment to enhance the creation and exchange of new knowledge. The college offers creative educational programming and events to engage the university community. The Humanities Center housed within the college connects students, faculty members, and staff members from all over the university through research initiatives, lectures, and cultural events, while other interdisciplinary research centers bring together scholars with varying perspectives to tackle real-world problems.