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Alleged Danvers victim calls on police and town leaders to acknowledge culpability in handling of case

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Boston Globe, November 2021

He was the boy whose complaints of alleged violent racist and homophobic abuse Danvers public officials hid from the community. Then he became a whistleblower. Now, the former Danvers High School hockey player is standing up again, calling on the Danvers police chief, town manager, and Select Board to acknowledge the trauma they caused the community by concealing his alleged abuse — as school leaders did this week.

School Superintendent Lisa Dana and the School Committee issued an apology Tuesday and applauded the alleged victim for “courageously” coming forward, 10 days after a Globe report touched off a clamor for them to be held accountable for keeping his ordeal secret for more than 16 months.

The former player said he now wants Police Chief James Lovell, Town Manager Steve Bartha, and the Select Board “to know it’s very important to make sure the people who confide in you feel like they are being heard and can feel confident about coming forward.

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