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American walks 20 hours to escape Ukraine, shares “the worst night” of his life in a viral twitter thread

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Bored Panda, March 2022

We all know how it goes: some malevolent, egoistic dictator declares war, all hell breaks loose and innocent people start fleeing to safety. Entire nations, some more than others, are used to this by now as history seems to be plagued by endless conflicts. One of them is currently happening in Ukraine, as more than 500,000 citizens were forced to abandon their lives and seek safety in neighboring countries.

The reality is, these treks, however hopeful, are no less of a collective nightmare than the actual atrocities waiting for refugees at home. Families are separated, people are trampled upon or lost to oceans. Finishing his two-week self-funded journalistic coverage of the unimaginable horrors in Ukraine, Manny Marotta, an independent journalist from Pittsburgh, US, documented and shared his “hellish 20-hour journey” to the safety of Poland on his Twitter feed.

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