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Another Taylor Swift course is coming to Boston, this time at Northeastern University

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Taylor Swift singing at one of her, November 2023

Taylor Swift and her influence is everywhere, from your local AMC or an NFL game to college classrooms — a growing number of college classrooms, in fact. Northeastern University is joining other colleges in offering a new course that’s all about the world’s biggest pop star. 

Titled “Speak Now: Gender & Storytelling in Taylor Swift’s Eras,” the course focuses on Swift’s experimentation with narrative and genre in her music that tells listeners stories about heart-wrenching break-ups, rage-inducing media scrutiny, and fairytale-like romance. 

“She is so prolific in her songwriting, especially in recent years, that we’re seeing this archive of her music that’s become a voice for not just one generation, but multiple generations,” said Dr. Catherine Fairfield, course instructor and Northeastern postdoctoral teaching associate. She’s also a Swift fan, having listened to the artist since age 15.

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