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Biden, like Obama, promises unity but doesn’t deliver

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Washington Examiner, May 2022

President Joe Biden appears to be doubting whether he can keep his campaign promise to unify the nation as he adopts an even more partisan tone in a midterm election year. If true, the acknowledgment demonstrates Biden’s recognition he has failed to manage expectations as former President Barack Obama did with his “hope and change” mantra before him.

“He can’t unite America because he doesn’t understand America,” Reagan biographer Craig Shirley said of Biden. “Nor does he understand the bully pulpit or presidential leadership.” Although Shirley agreed modern campaigns should be aspirational, he countered that far-left rhetoric did not achieve that. “Obama used words he did not understand,” Shirley said. “He was skilled in the study of himself, which is why he was the nation’s first Facebook president.”

Even Democrats are disappointed with the failure of Biden’s Republican bridge-building as president, according to Aggressive Progressive podcast host Christopher Hahn.

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