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Biden shifts focus away from domestic affairs as Israel war intensifies

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President Joe Biden speaking at a press conference.

Washington Examiner, October 2023

President Joe Biden scrapped a trip to Colorado as Israel prepares for a major military operation against Hamas. Biden’s decision comes after aides were adamant last week he could multitask and underscores the White House‘s concerns about the war and its political repercussions.

Biden has been praised and criticized in the week since Hamas killed roughly 1,400 people in its Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, taking almost 200 others hostage. Supporters point to the president’s pro-Israel statements as the Israeli government strikes the Gaza Strip, while critics cite his light public schedule, which has been dedicated to promoting his economic policies, known as Bidenomics.

“Frankly, we don’t even know what Biden is up to these days because he does everything out of public and doesn’t take any questions on it,” one Republican strategist told the Washington Examiner. “It would be different if Biden had delivered any domestic or international wins over the past couple of years, but he hasn’t.”

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