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Can the US play peacekeeper in the Israel-Hamas war?

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U.S. President Joe Biden pauses during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. will be sending $100 million in humanitarian support to help “1 million displaced and conflict-affected Palestinians.” At the same time, Israel has asked the U.S. for $10 billion in emergency military support, which Biden is reportedly asking Congress for as part of a “major foreign policy aid package” that would also include the support for Gaza and the West Bank.

Many observers and social media users on both sides of the conflict were quick to suggest that the separate aid packages may only serve cross-purposes, as Israel’s bombing campaign has resulted in civilian deaths. Additionally, others note that there are no guarantees that the humanitarian aid won’t end up in the hands of Hamas, the militant group that carried out an attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7 that sparked the war.

With aid potentially heading to both Israelis and Palestinians, can the U.S. play peacekeeper, or will its actions only further fan the flames? It is a complicated dynamic to unpack — one that’s enveloped in a fog of war that’s replete with disinformation, experts note.

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