CSSH Circle at Chatime

To get to know everyone better CSSH Circle is going to Chatime! Come meet fellow students as well as CSSH Circle peers.

CSSH Circle at Chatime
September 12, 4:30-6pm (come when you can for as long as you can)Enjoy free bubble tea!

We are super excited to meet you, stop by Chatime and find one of our mentors to pick up your bubble tea 🙂

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Location of Chatime: 333 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

CSSH Circle the World

What is Circle the World?

It is a chance to meet other international and globally minded CSSH students set in a global café style.

Every 4th Friday of the month!
Explore countries, regions and cultures through media, food and shared experiences!

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CSSH Circle Spring 2016 Kickoff Event

Meet your CSSH Circle Peers

Join CSSH Circle Kickoff!

September 5, 4:30-6pm
310 Renaissance Park
Pizza will be served

Join your CSSH Circle mentors for the first event of the semester. Enjoy meeting other international and globally minded students. Have some free food. Network with upper-class peers and academic advising.

Questions? Email Justin Repici, Academic Advisor at j.repici@northeastern.edu

Check out instagram.com/csshcircle and facebook.com/csshcircle

What others are saying

“As an international student, sometimes it is hard to communicate with my classmate since English is my second language, and the culture difference really put more difficulties into the communication. I had participated in CSSH Circle events before and it was really helpful for me, so I registered for the workshop and I knew it would be of great help.”

“I really enjoyed the food! Also I learned that there are different types of communication, the workshop helped me understand that people from different culture background are used to different types of communication, it is important to understand this so that we can communicate with people in a respectful way.”

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