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Application for Spring 2023 is open!

CSSH Circle is a community within the college for incoming international students to meet other new students along with continuing students. Throughout the semester CSSH Circle Program Assistants (PAs) organize various events along with their Circle teams. PAs play a key role in guiding new students by sharing their stories at Northeastern, CSSH and in Boston. PAs also serve as resources helping students learn about and connect with resources on campus, answering any questions they might have, or leading them to someone who might know. Additionally, there are opportunities to develop skills by taking on roles in Social Media, Event Planning, Outreach, and Peer Training.

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CSSH Circle Program Assistant Expectations

  • Be able to dedicate 1-2 hours per week
  • Co-facilitate at least two events during the semester
  • Engage with your Circle team of first year international students at least every 1-2 weeks
  • Consider a leadership role (i.e. Social Media, Events, Outreach, Peer Training)
  • Participate in other activities as they arise
  • Bring enthusiasm and ideas
  • Note: Activities, expectations and responsibilities may change due to needs and there may be additional opportunities presented


  • Build intercultural communication and leadership skills
  • Gain event planning experience
  • Hone additional skills in social media, marketing and peer training
  • Network with CSSH faculty and staff during event planning and programming
  • Form new friendships with fellow Northeastern students

Application (plan to spend about 10 minutes)

CSSH Circle Program Assistant Application SP23