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Civic Sustainability Series: White Supremacy, Insurrection, and U.S. Democracy

We are excited to announce our newest lecture series for the Northeastern community. The Civic Sustainability Series provides space where community members can practice engaging in diverse opinions, broaden networks, and find common ground in social action. In the past, the series has focused on the ways that a university may act as a model community. This coming week, our panel follows the historic attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. We will examine the ideological forces behind the attack—and its effect on new policies in the new Presidential Administration.

Pat Williams (University Distinguished Professor of Law and Humanities), Costas Panagopoulos (Professor and Department Chair of Political Science), Rod Brunson (Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Political Science) and Brooke Foucault Welles (Associate Professor of Communication Studies) will lead attendants in the discussion as Richard O’Bryant, Director of the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute, moderates.

We invite you to join us virtually Tuesday, January 26, 2021 5:00 – 6:30 pm and ask that you register to attend beforehand here.

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