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Professor & Chair, Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies; Professor, Political Science; Professor, International Affairs

Research Topics:

Nationalism, Citizenship, Race and Identity Politics

Current Research Project:

He is currently working on a book length project on the role race plays on the debate over Puerto Rico’s political status. Additionally, he is working on several articles with co-authors on nationalism and citizenship in various contexts.

Recent News/Publications/Talks:

  • 2020. The Politics of Language in Puerto Rico Revisited. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. 
  • 2020. (co-authored with Michal Fux) “Towards a Standard Model of the Cognitive Science of Nationalism – the Calendar.” Journal of Cognition and Culture 20(5): 431-456. Chapters in edited books:
  • 2021. “Judging Worthiness: Hurricane María, Puerto Ricans and the Articulation of American National Identity.” In, Geoffrey L. Wood and Paul Adams, eds. The Impact of Natural Disasters on Systemic Political and Social Inequities in the U.S. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Pp. 67-81.
  • 2019. (co-authored with Luis Dau, Elizabeth Moore & Maria Robson) “Economic Nationalism and International Business.” In Harish C. Chandan and Bryan Christiansen, eds. International Firms’ Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. Pp. 1-15. 
  • 2019. “Recovery, Refugees and the Racially Deserving.” Peace Review 31(2): 231-237. 

Affiliated Research Centers:

Undergraduate Research Projects:

Articles with Undergrad co-authors:

  • 2020. (co-authored with Nicholas G. Napolio) “Bifurcating American Identity: Partisanship, Sexual Orientation, and the 2016 Presidential Election.” Politics, Groups and Identities 8(1): 143-159.  
  • 2017. (co-authored with Kyle Lozano) “Hierarchies of Belonging: Intersecting Race, Ethnicity, and Territoriality in the Construction of US Citizenship.” Citizenship Studies 21(8): 999-1014.