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‘Democracy is a tool of Satan’: The murky world of Orthodox influencers

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Euronews, July 2023

A small, slick contingent of young Orthodox stars are harnessing social media to spread extreme messages around the globe.

“Democracy is a tool of Satan that has been perfected by Jews and their gentile allies in secret societies to take sly control of nations while allowing citizens to feel that they have a choice in the matter, keeping them compliant and dumb.” These are the written words of Roosh Valizadeh. 

In his rampantly anti-Semitic online writings-which parrot the classic line that Jews run the world–the former pickup and alt-right blogger, turned Orthodox zealot, talks about a once Christian West transformed into a state of “Jewish pornographic sewage”. Alleged national decline is a prominent theme in the American’s writings, believing untold millions in the Western world have sold their “souls for comfort, money, and sex”.

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