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Endnotes: Spring 2021 Newsletter

Endnotes is a regular feature of the CSSH newsletter that lists accomplishments of our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and other members of our CSSH community.


  • Folashade Adewunmi (Criminal Justice) received the 2021 CSSH Ruth E. Sullivan Award in recognition of her interdisciplinary research efforts.
  • Anneke Gustafson (Sociology) received one of eight 2021 Compass Awards, which recognizes true dedication to a core set of values: leadership, volunteerism, academic integrity, and commitment to Northeastern.
  • James Lyons (Political Science) won a First Generation Award for Social Justice Advocacy.
  • Gisselle Rodriguez Benitez (Economics) won a First Generation Award for First-Gen Legacy Building.
  • Ngenyi Stephanie Beja (International Affairs) received a Pickering Fellowship.
  • Minseo Choi (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) received the Zanghi-Dow 21st Century Scholarship.
  • The following students were recognized as RISE award winners:
    • Kaleem Ahmid (Philosophy and Health Science/MPH PlusOne)
    • Emma  Andrews (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
    • Emily Burke (Music/Political Science)
    • Matthew Canary (Sociology)
    • Kaitlyn Cavallaro (International Affairs/Economics)
    • Alisha Karuvannur-Sandhu (Philosophy/Biology double major)
    • Daniel Koerner (Environmental Studies/Economics)
    • Sheridan Lasher (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics)
    • Gaea Leemon (Economics)
    • Katharine McGuire (Economics)
    • Kira Mok (Sociology/Environmental Studies)
  • The following students were named to the Huntington 100, which honors outstanding students whose achievements are commensurate with the university’s mission, ideals, values, and academic plan:
    • Cole Alder (Sociology)
    • Samantha Bonnin (History)
    • Nathalie Cruz (English)
    • Ava Gallo (Environmental Science/International Affairs)
    • Yehuda Gannon (History/Political Science)
    • Benjamin Cooper Gould (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics/MPP PlusOne)
    • Sonali Howe (Economics)
    • Emily Newell (Political Science)
    • Olivia Olcott (Human Services/International Affairs)
    • Bianca Palmarini (International Affairs/Economics)
    • Rebecca Powell (Human Services/International Affairs)
    • Sabrina Zhang (Political Science/International Affairs)
  • The following students were recognized with Northeastern University’s 2021 President’s Award:
    • Samantha Steinberg (Sociology)
    • Madison Waldron (Political Science/Communications)
    • Jessica Brenner (Criminal Justice/Psychology)
    • Kayla Collins (Political Science/International Affairs)
    • Savita Maharaj (English)
    • Saoirse McNally (Human Services/Criminal Justice)
    • Anna Moceyunas (International Affairs/Anthropology)
    • Ana Hecht (Political Science/Communications)
    • Carolyn Kiely (Religious Studies)
  • Caroline Hegg (International Affairs/Economics) and Sara Flynn (Human Services) received Outstanding CSSH Co-op Awards.
  • Rachel Feuerhelm (Political Science) received the 2021 Senior Excellence Award in Global Engagement – Honors Program.     
  • Brooke Stanley (Political Science/Communication Studies) received the 2021 Senior Excellence Award in Research and Creative Endeavors – Honors Program.           
  • Ffifon Titmuss (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/English) received the 2021 Senior Excellence Award in Leadership – Honors Program.
  • Anna Brown (Political Science/International Affairs) received the Political Science Department’s Experiential Learning Award.
  • Caitlan Lucien (Political Science/Economics) received the Political Science Department’s Global Award.


  • Cara Messina (English PhD `21) was awarded Northeastern’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Humanics.
  • PhiYen Nguyen (MPP) was inducted into the Huntington 100.
  • Avery Blankenship (English PhD) was named Scholar at the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory.
  • Tim Fraser (Political Science PhD) received the Japan Foundation Doctoral Research Fellowship and a Fulbright Graduate Fellowship in Japan.
  • Molly Nebiolo (History PhD) was awarded a Long-Term Residential Predoctoral Fellowship from the American Philosophical Society.
  • Alanna Prince (English PhD) was awarded the Social Media Corps Fellowship from the African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanities (AADHum).
  • Maria Robson (Political Science PhD) received the Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) Initiative Doctoral Fellowship from the Department of National Defence, Government of Canada; and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship from the Government of Canada.


All faculty accomplishments can be found on our Faculty Accomplishments pages.

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