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Extremist Trump supporters get fascist label from experts

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U.S. Capitol Police retreat from Capitol grounds.

Cape Cod Times, January 2021

Until they disbanded after Joe Biden was elected president, “Move to Remove” spent every Saturday morning for the past 3½ years on the village green, advocating for the removal from office of President Donald Trump. Occasionally, they shared the green with Trump supporters from United Cape Patriots. The two groups would stand about 50 yards apart, Paul Rifkin, co-founder of Move to Remove, said. Over the years, Rifkin said he developed a relationship of sorts with United Cape Patriots founder Adam Lange.

The conciliatory tone between the two groups changed this year when Lange arrived at rallies in a huge military transport vehicle with a replica .50-caliber machine gun on the roof of the cab and a replica assault weapon mounted on the dashboard in the cabin.

In a May 29 Facebook post showing the replica weapon in its dashboard mount, Lange said the machine gun would be installed “this summer as we ramp up for the big Trump reelection.” “That (military truck) says to me that someone is trying, in a not very subtle way, to lay out a threat to whoever is looking at the vehicle,” Rifkin said. “There’s nothing saying it’s a replica. It says, ‘Don’t f— with me, we mean business’”

Lange said last week both his Twitter and Facebook accounts have been shut down.

The rise of a group such as the United Cape Patriots is a microcosm of a national movement that found its most powerful advocate in President Trump, whom experts say created a post-truth world — a world where there is no agreed-upon truth.

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