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CSSH Award Ceremony

Lecturer of Human Services

Ruth Economou, LICSW has been a Clinical Social Worker in the Boston area for 20 years. Her areas of specialization include Adolescent Mental Health, Mindfulness Based Clinical Care, Community Mental Health, Trauma Informed Care and Clinician Self Care. She has a longstanding commitment to a Social Equity Empowerment approach in the clinical setting.

Work History includes, Geriatric and End of Life Care at PACE in Dorchester, MA, Adolescent Social Worker at Boston Medical Center, and Clinician at Brookline Community Mental Health. She currently works at the Young Parents Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, a primary care center which serves Adolescent Parents and their young children.

CSSH 2018-19 Outstanding Teaching Awards

The winners of the CSSH 2018-19 Outstanding Teaching Awards have been announced, including Ruth Economou, Part-Time Lecturer, Human Services Program and School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs!

Ruth Economou, Part-Time Lecturer, Human Services Program and School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. With this award, the college recognizes Ruth Economou’s commitment to students experiencing the theory, practice, skill, and reflection in her counseling courses. The committee was impressed with Professor Economou’s ability to act as a leader when faced with difficult questions of the day and to help students slow things down to find starting points when faced with complex interactions. She excels in teaching her students how to empathize and listen, and her desire to provide her students with a space to reflect serves as an important pedagogic tool in educating our next generation of counselors.

Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Read more about the awardees here.

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Course catalog
  • Presents an overview of the major theoretical approaches to counseling and therapeutic interventions. Focuses on developing clinical skills and competency in intentional interviewing. Combines systemic group exercises and experiential activities to practice interviewing techniques. Cross-cultural issues in counseling are integrated throughout the course.